At LatinOil Labs we believe in progressive and innovative approaches to hair care, as we are a one of a kind product line we feel it is our responsibility to provide salons with exclusive non diverted product. Easy Beauty shares our goals and vision for this, and has developed a platform to ensure state of the art order and delivery processes. Through the use of an Easy Beauty iPad supplied to the salon. Owners and stylist are able to conveniently order LatinOil Chia Seed Products securely for next day delivery at their leisure.

We are proud to partner with Easy Beauty and take salon retail to the next level.          - Sam Loza, President of LatinOil Labs


Put your products right in the hands of the professionals that use them.

direct direct

The beauty professionals that love your products shouldn’t have to hunt around for them. Easy Beauty puts a powerful product ordering system in each member salon, giving stylists access to your brand 24/7, 365 days a year. Your sales stream is never cut off. Planning a new product launch? Our Beauty Box program lets you reach a dedicated group of creative professionals directly.


We verify business and professional licenses for every transaction.

secure secure

Do you know where your products go when they leave your warehouse? At Easy Beauty, we make sure individual stylists and salons are licensed and in good standing before they are approved for membership. You don’t have to worry about your products ending up on discount websites or in disreputable businesses; we deliver them exclusively to the professionals that use them.


Now, no salon is out of your reach.

everywhere everywhere

Your sales reps face huge challenges reaching every salon in their territory. Remote locations require long travel times, and busy urban locations may not have room to park. When you can’t reach a stylist, chances are that stylist reaches for someone else’s products. Easy Beauty solves that problem with a simple, portable solution. Our iPad application gives you an open sales channel to every salon, 24/7/365.

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