• Q. What is Easy Beauty?

    A. Easy Beauty is an e-Commerce and salon management platform for licensed salon owners and self-employed beauty professionals. The platform gives professionals the tools they need to management their business and order professional grade products to be shipped directly to their business.

  • Q. Will Easy Beauty e-Commerce platform work outside of the US?

    A. Currently our service is only available for the continental U.S.

  • Q. How much does it cost to download the APP?

    A. It's free!

  • Q. How do I return a product?

    A. Please contact our customer service hotline. We will follow and honor all manufacturer warranties on the products we sell.

  • Q. Do you ship internationally?

    A. We do not ship internationally at this time.

  • Q. Are you hiring?

    A. We will be hiring in the near future. Check our website and follow us on our social media pages to stay abreast of the latest news and updates!

  • Q. Who do I talk to about potential partnerships?

    A. Please contact sales at 877-803-7460 with your inquires

  • Q. Does your price include sales tax?

    A. We are a B2B wholesaler, so our sales to professionals is tax free.

  • Q. What mobile platforms does your APP support?

    A. Currently our APP is only available for iPad. Our iPhone and Android App's will arrive soon. Follow us on our social media pages to stay abreast of the latest news and updates!

  • Q. Do I need to be a salon owner to be eligible for the free iPad installation?

    A. Yes, you must have a valid cosmetology license registered with your state, and your salon or suite has to meet certain criteria.

  • Q. Do you need an Internet connection to use the iPad in mu salon or suite?

    A. Yes. You will have to have a secured Wi-Fi connection.


  • Q. How secure is the Easy Beauty e-Commerce platform.

    A. Our platform uses the latest security features that protects you and your personal information.

  • Q. Will anyone else have access to my account?

    A. No. Every account on our system is secured and only accessible by the user name and password credentials you provided during signup.

  • Q. Does Easy Beauty satisfy industry credit card standards for storing and transmitting card data?

    A. Yes. We have partnered with a CardConnect; a leader in the payment card transaction industry. Visit their website at www.cardconnect.com for more information.

  • Q. Do you store credit card details on your servers?

    A. We do not store or view any credit card information. We follow industry standards, and all transactions are encrypted and processed by our partner CardConnect. Visit www.cardconnect.com for more details.

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